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Ocean to Table

 Discover some of Naples’ Freshest Seafood


Hidden in a tucked away island oasis in the heart of Naples, Hogfish Harry’s captures the essence of tropical dining through eclectic coastal delights and refined seafood creations. Naples Chef Everett Fromm offers up a line of seafood, from shrimp and scallops, to lobster, crab and the house specialty – Hogfish. With a vibrant, yet relaxed and casual ambiance and an island-inspired bar, Hogfish Harrys welcomes you to relax, enjoy and indulge in tropical-inspired cocktails and the day’s freshest catch.


To provide you with the freshest seafood available, Chef Everett Fromm sources his catch from fisheries in Key West, and as far as Hawaii and Mexico - which he flies in overnight. His team integrates French technique with the seafood to create inventive dishes that challenge yet satisfy every palate. The all-day menu leans towards creative plates, but incorporates classics that represent the best of our oceans’ bounty. Chef Fromm’s says “… the seafood is the star of the plate. We just want to enhance its natural flavors.”


Located in tropical oasis with a lush green backdrop, Hogfish Harry’s is a hidden gem amidst the hustle and bustle of Naples. Its fun, vibrant, relaxed ambiance, ocean décor and 16-seat weathered wooden bar, anchoring the restaurant’s interior, evoke images of sandy beaches and blue waters.

Hogfish Harry’s transports you to an island far, far away.


Harry is fun, kind and simple. Yet, he is refined and distinctive. Harry is our owner’s father’s name.

An honor to a true gentleman that lived many years ago.