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Inspired by its surrounding island oasis, Hogfish Harry’s was created by longtime Naples’ restaurateur Jerry Alajajian and his fiancée, Dayle Westover, to offer you the best, and freshest ocean bounty including the unique Hogfish. The new full service tropical-inspired seafood restaurant opened in the fall of 2020 and is helmed by Naples’ veteran Chef Everett Fromm.

With a passion for seafood, utilizing sustainable, fresh, and one-of-a-kind ingredients and making everything from scratch, Chef Fromm works with fishermen, farmers and artisans locally, nationally and Europe to source his menu items and provide guests with unique flavor profiles and food combinations. The fish is flown in whole overnight from Hawaii and the Yucatan Peninsula, and broken down in-house to limit exposure to exterior elements. White peaches, French melons and other specialty items come from France; while certain organic vegetables are delivered from a farm in Ohio. Microgreens, tomatoes and mushrooms are sourced from local farmers. In addition, many ingredients such as stocks, sauces, pastas and desserts, are prepared in-house.

These ingredients give the team an opportunity to create diverse and inventive dishes, such as his signature Monkfish Bucco; Grilled Hogfish, Lemongrass Rice, Blistered Asparagus and Mandarin Chili Sauce, and Miso Chilean Sea Bass. Beloved seafood staples like Seafood Chowder, Caesar Salad and Maine Lobster Roll will also be on the menu.

Hogfish Harry’s beverage list is focused on wines from the United States, Europe, Australia and South America, as well as tropical-inspired cocktails ranging from the classic Mojito and Sangria, to signature drinks such as the Crazy Cuban.

A Naples, Florida native, Executive Chef Chris Berube kicked off his culinary career at a chain restaurant working in the Front of House at the young age of 20, while also studying architecture at a local university. He found his way to the kitchen and Back of House after breaking his wrist and being unable to carry trays. From there Chef Chris was hooked. The adrenaline drew him in and he said it just felt natural; “it was like dancing - the way you move through the kitchen and finding your flow.” He quit school and worked there for several years before moving on to Yabba Island Grill, where he honed his chops during a two year stretch. After ascending the culinary ranks at Yabba, he made the transition to Sous Chef at Bayfront Bistro. Chef Chris was there for two years before getting offered the Executive Chef position at Veranda E. Here, he learned the true essence of quality over quantity, and how important it is to slow down and create a beautiful and flavorful dish.

Chef Chris had two important mentors that helped him develop a great understanding and passion behind the creation of dishes. JD Damas, the Executive Chef at Bayfront Bistro, taught him to be ambitious with food, mix cultures and think outside of the box; while Ryan Milito, the Executive Chef at Yabba Island Grill and Pazzo showed him to not be a boss but rather a leader. Anyone can point fingers but it's important to lead by example. “If one person in the kitchen fails, the whole kitchen fails.”

While he didn’t end up pursuing a career in architecture, he describes architecture and creating an incredible dish as being very similar - there is creativity behind both. “In architecture, you start with the base of the building, then add the walls and other architectural elements. In cooking, you start with the protein, then you add the sauce and complimentary ingredients.”

Chef Chris’ favorite style of cooking is fusion cuisine because he likes to experiment with the senses and tastes, and it has no limits, “you can take italian and mix it with african and come up with a style that no one else has.” While the food he’s preparing at Hogfish Harry’s is primarily seafood, he will be fusing a variety of ingredients and cuisines to create fun, unique, flavorful dishes to delight his guests’ senses.